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How Digital Heart Media Started

Digital Heart Media began life as an agency that provided digital marketing solutions to companies. Our primary focus was giving amazingly effective SEO work for reasonable rates. Over our years of service to all the small businesses to large enterprises, we became familiar with how all businesses work and why they need quality Web & SEO solutions.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing top-of-the-line SEO, website, and overall digital marketing solutions to companies that really need it. The fact that we offer them for better pricing compared to other SEO companies is a testament to our dedication to helping our clients.

Digital Heart Media

Our Digital Strategy Services

web ecommerce design services digital heart media

Create the perfect digital profile for your business and strengthen your online presence through our excellent web design services.

home social media marketing digital heart media

Make your website rank higher on Google search results through our exremely tailored optimization efforts.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Maximize the potential of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to get as many relevant customers in your area as possible.

home social media marketing digital heart media

Generate engagement and interest in your business through targeted efforts on social media.

content creation content strategy digital heart media

Content is king in digital marketing, and we’ll help you strategize and create engaging content that your customers will want to read.

cannabis medical marijuana dispensary marketing digital heart media

 We’re here to help you solve the cannabis industry’s toughest marketing and public relations challenges.

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Want A Free Web Analysis?

Let's Analyze Your Website for Free

If you want to get the best web development services, let our team check your website. We can run through your website’s code and give you an idea of possible points for improvement. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


We offer custom web design services that can be tailored according to your requirements and goals.

The Most Common Questions We Get...

If you run any type of business, even if it’s not an e-commerce site, then the only answer is YES! The internet now rules our lives, and when a potential customer wants to know more about your business, products, or services, the first thing they will do is search for your business online.


A website strengthens your presence online and should be the foundation for your business. It’s the first tool you’ll need to present yourself effectively to the masses as well as spread your brand’s message.

Each website is an endeavor all on its own. With that said, once you start with the initial consultation, we can better assess your cost and project scope. All pricing is given in writing in a formal project quote with a full outline of cost, timeframe, and work provided.

Once you’ve approved the project quote, a web design project can take anywhere from 20-180 days, depending on its size, complexity, and scope.

Also, you have to take into consideration whether or not you’re providing our web design agency with content and how many revisions you need over the included one. As a reference, a basic e-commerce site with 40-50 products generally takes 45-60 days, sometimes sooner.

Your website files have to be stored somewhere, and that’s where the web host comes in. Web hosting is inexpensive and charged monthly or annually. While we are a full-service web design agency, we don’t provide hosting.


However, we do suggest that you use one of the handful of hosting companies we work with directly. We feel that web hosting should be handled by experts.

Think of domain names as the unique address to your website and your hosting as the building where everything is stored. Usually, you purchase the domain at the same time as hosting. If you already own your domain, then all you need is hosting followed by pointing the domain name to the correct hosting server.

Absolutely, and it’s our pleasure! Do you already have your own domain and active website? Are you looking for an overhaul, an update, or just plain minor upgrades? We’re glad to provide you with custom web design services.


We will start with a discovery session and assess your needs. Nine times out of ten, it is just more cost-effective to start from scratch with a brand-new site. Not only will we design the new site, but we will also teach you how to maintain it effectively.