Marketing’s fundamental goal is to identify the audience and its unmet needs for a specific product or service, communicate it to the target audience, and convince them to purchase. This article will answer ‘What is digital marketing’ and how it can help grow your online presence with impact.

There are over 1.8 billion active Gmail accounts in 2020 and 3.5 billion daily searches, strong evidence that the audience has transitioned to virtual spaces for communication in the last decades. As consumers become more online savvy, adopting digital marketing tools and tactics has become critical for business success. 

Digital marketing enables marketers to easily reach customers through different communication channels, anywhere at any time. This contrasts with traditional marketing, which often requires face-to-face interaction in a pre-defined geographic territory and time.

Digitalization has opened a new horizon of business opportunities. However, it requires a different approach, new marketing skills, and competencies for success in this new competitive field.

Content Marketing – A Cornerstone

What is digital marketing for if your communication channels lack relevant content? 


Content marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating and delivering valuable content to customers.


There are four key reasons content marketing is crucial to enterprises:


  • Increased sales
  • Cost savings
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Content as a profit center


Added value is the core of content marketing. You can attract and maintain readers’ attention by offering valuable, readable information that solves their problems.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method that directs internet traffic to your website based on search engines and keywords. It is the backbone of digital marketing and helps improve website ranking and drives more traffic. 59% of Google users visit just a single page, while only 6% visit four or more pages to find the answer. Therefore, having content ranked at the top increases your brand’s visibility and growth opportunity.

SEO applies to any online content, including web pages, paid ads, and blog posts. It requires expertise and skill to understand the ranking strategy and implementation involved. 

Communication Channels and Tools

Person Using Ipad

Great content needs the right communication channel to reach the targeted audience. Here are popular communication channels and tools. 

Social media marketing

North Americans spend on average 33 minutes a day on Facebook, followed by TikTok and Twitter, and more or less the same goes for the rest of the world’s population. So, the role of a digital marketer is to deliver their message to more than half of the Earth’s population active on different social media channels and invite them to their blog or website.


Don’t underestimate the power of a two-way conversation. Be present and make an effort to interact and engage with your audience.

Email Marketing

Here are reasons email is an effective channel for appealing to your targeted audience:

  • Mail recipients are consumers who have already shown interest in your brand, visited your digital content, and subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Email newsletters allow easy remarketing to those who need more than one message to be convinced of the benefit of the offer.
  • It makes an excellent tool for building or nurturing relationships with customers.


To be effective, emails should deliver interesting news, provide added value, and include a call to action to customers.

Influencer Marketing

These days, anyone can become an influencer on social media. While influencers build on their popularity, it could be a win-win situation to surf on the same wave. Find an influencer with a personality that fits your brand and style and an audience that aligns with your target market. You’ll also want someone who understands and agrees with campaign and payment terms. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing

PPC is beneficial for new businesses or those with a lower rating. Paying the search engine per click promotes your website based on keywords. With this tool, your website will appear on the top in the “ad” section. 


Video is another powerful marketing tool. It allows brands to convey their message to a mass audience. Posting educational, promotional, or testimonial videos on your website or YouTube is a great way to stay top of mind with customers.


To fully answer the question, “What is digital marketing?” brands must look beyond the popular tactics. Other online marketing techniques include: 

  • Talking to journalists on social media
  • Partnering with third parties to promote your content
  • Social listening (tracking mentions and responding to comments on social media)

What is Digital Marketing about? – It’s all About the Customers

Having the best product in the market and using all digital marketing tools will be useless if you don’t meet customer needs. It is essential to have a deep understanding of:


  • Who the customers are
  • What the customers’ needs are, and how will they benefit from your product or service
  • What are the customers’ behavior and practices for a targeted digital approach

Completing this pre-work will define the content and identify the proper tools and tactics for the campaign. 

The Key to Success

With many tools and tactics available, a wise strategic approach is critical. Shooting blindly to a non-targeted audience with all the tools you like will 

not necessarily lead to success.


Digital marketing requires specialized tools, knowledge, and expertise. Doing it by yourself may bring more damage to your business than good. It’s best to work with a digital marketing specialist who can help kickstart powerful campaigns, meet your targets, and make the most of your budget.


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