As one of the most popular website builder platforms, WordPress websites power around 43.3 percent of all websites. Therefore, it is no surprise that people choose to build their new business websites with WordPress.

Beginners are often unsure where to begin and find the experience to be overwhelming. To help you create your website in no time, we created a guide highlighting the most important points of the process. 


Steps to Set Up Your Website

Choosing the wrong website platform is a frequent mistake. One can never go wrong with WordPress. It is free for everyone to use and build websites without restrictions. Continue reading to learn the steps to creating your website accordingly. 



Step 1 – Select Domain Name and Choose Hosting

To start creating your website, you’ll first need to select a domain name and WordPress hosting. It is essential to have a good web hosting service because that’s where all the website data will be stored. Using keywords in your domain name can also do wonders for your SEO efforts


Step 2 – Select a WordPress Website Theme

Once you have installed WordPress, you can set it up in just a few clicks. Once the infrastructure is set up correctly, you can select and install a theme. WordPress allows customizing the website and adding personal touches.

There are also free themes that you can choose from if you just need basic functionality. Keep in mind, though, that there are limitations to the changes you can make. For up to $60, you can choose one of over 10,000 themes.

Once you have found the theme that you like, select the theme and click the install button. Proceed to customize the theme based on your requirements, but you won’t need to do everything at once. You can go back later and adjust the things that you dislike. 


Step 3 – Add WordPress Website Content

WordPress gives you the option of posts and page content. The page’s content refers to the privacy policy, contact page, about us, and similar content. Posts refer to blog content that WordPress shows on the front page, but you can always change that. 


Step 4 – Customize the Webpage

After adding content, it’s time to make the website presentable for customers. Start by setting up a homepage, then change the site title and tagline, which should now read “Just another WordPress site.” 

Change this in General Setting and add your website name and a line describing it. You can also play around with colors and change them to fit your brand’s colors. Or, you can control the type and size of the font you wish to use via the Typography section.

Creating a fresh and trendy layout that fits the motto of your business and reveals the right message you want to send is necessary. Be creative and choose the elements that will make your site look and feel how you imagined it. 


Step 5 – Set up Navigation Menu and Comments and Install Plugins

To facilitate the navigation of users to different sections on your website, you can use the powerful navigation menu system that WordPress offers. Go to the Appearance > Menu, where you will create the navigation menu, which will be empty and needs to be customized. 

Finalize it and save the changes you have made. You can then proceed to the comments system to enable users to leave comments on posts and encourage user engagement.

Install one of over 59,000 free plugins that WordPress has made available, or you can choose some of the paid ones. Plugins allow you to add customizations and features like photo galleries to your site.


Step 6 – Publish Your First Post

WordPress is best known as a popular blogging platform, even though you can create any type of site you want. Start by clicking the blue plus icon and selecting a new block. Explore all the options that you have to make your blog post extraordinary.

Click the Preview button to see what your post will look like from the eye of the user. Once you are happy, simply click Publish, and you are done.


Step 7 – You Did It!

Your WordPress Website is done! You can use the website in any way you see fit. You can always make any changes to any of the sections that you dislike or that you think needs improvement.  

Go a step further and create a niche-specific website that can offer you and your users so much more. Add an eCommerce store, create a web directory or membership website, do a multilingual website, build a reviews website or start your podcast. 



Let Professionals Lend a Helping Hand | WordPress Website Creators

WordPress gives you the power to create the best website with one of the world’s most popular content management systems. You can expand, add new pages, and do anything you want with it!

We at Digital Heart Media are here to provide all the services related to web design and SEO. We’re here to assist with anything you need in creating a functional, scaling, and user-friendly site and SEO strategy. Take your time to learn about everything WordPress has to offer, and reach out to us for more solutions!