A lot goes into having a successful online business that goes way beyond just a simple website.

Fortunately, you can have a landing page that is meant to increase your conversion rates while lowering your costs of getting leads. Once the customer has arrived at the landing page, it means that there is an interest. Building trust, brand loyalty, and simplification are key points for a business’s success. 

Sounds reasonable and complicated, yet it’s really simple. Keep reading to find out what is a landing page at first, and some valuable tips on how to make it a good one.


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone page or a single website page you are directed to for a specific purpose in a marketing campaign. “Add to Cart,” “Contact Us,” “Buy Now,” “Download Here,” and “Start Free Trial” are some of the examples of CTA you’ve seen before.

Users end up on the landing page when they click an email, an ad, or link from Google, Facebook, YouTube, or similar. While webpages have many goals, the landing page is designed for only one; therefore, different landing pages are created for various purposes. 

How to Make a Good Landing Page?

“Less is more” is the rule of making a great landing page. It is because it has only one purpose, to invite visitors to act: subscribe, buy, download, contact, and so on. Here are some useful tips for making a persuasive landing page:

Clean and Organized Look

Users should have a pleasant feeling, be comfortable and relaxed, to act accordingly without a doubt. Therefore, it should have a simple and crystal clean design, easy to understand what and how to do it. The CTA button must be eye catchy, with contrasting colors and no crowded background.

Be Minimalistic

The Landing page should contain only necessary information leading to the desired action and nothing more to avoid overwhelming the visitor. Keep it simple with the essential information positioned well for fast eye scanning of a minimal amount of text with big font letters.

Put Offer in Header

The valuable offer with the benefit for the customer is what is actually the point of the business and a reason why customers click on the CTA button. This is why it should be the first thing a visitor notices and be positioned in the header. If further explanations are necessary, put them in subheadings.

Trust Signals

These priceless elements build trust in the customer’s mind and boost their confidence in making a decision. Having testimonials or reference lists of well-known brands will boost your brand and create positive feelings in customers. Use it once you build it.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Smartphones today have become an open window to the internet and most mobile-friendly digital media. A readable and workable page for mobile devices will increase your chance of keeping the customer on track. The landing page should be loaded fast, easy to navigate, and easily clickable on mobile devices. Put an extra effort into optimizing your landing page like this.

Short Forms

No matter how important it is to collect more data, the chances of a potential customer filling in the form till the end are bigger if the form is shorter. In such a case, a visitor will not give up in the middle of the filling process. So, keep the form short with only essential information, and collect additional information at another stage.

One Landing Page for Each Target Audience

One size fits all does not apply here. If your offer meets the needs of different customers, then the copy should be tailored to that specific target group. Hit each audience with a separate land page customized specifically for them.

Test the Page

All efforts put into the page preparation are worthless if the pace does not work properly. Make sure that the page is working correctly for PC or mobile devices and fix any potential bugs immediately.

What Makes Landing Page Even Better?

The color schemes must be the same as your brand, so make any visuals match the same voice and tone. Adding video and animation will make the page outstanding from standard text templates and add value by sharing more information without overwhelming the page with a lot of text.

Inclusiveness & Diversity are becoming a prevalent trend, so having a landing page with a wide range of people will impress a broader range of potential customers.

Do You Need an Expert to Do It?

It sounds logical and simple to do a landing page of your own. But have you done it before, or is the one you have in place effective? Well, think about what effort you have put so far into the core business and to make it visible online. It will be a pity if you lose customers at the last stage of the buying process.

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