To the surprise of many companies listed on Google’s Business platform, the company rebranded from Google My Business to Google Business Profile

In a nutshell, the Google Business Profile is a free service that allows businesses to build an online presence by including their location, customer reviews, and contact information all in one place.

When businesses outline their Google Business Profile, it makes it easier for them to get noticed and prospective clients to find what they’re looking for. Companies listed on Google Business Profile have added more credibility to their name.

Besides changing the name, Google also introduced quite a few novelties. Continue reading this article to get the scoop on what’s new with Google Business Profile and how to maximize its potential to suit your business.

What’s Google My Business?

It is a web-based tool that allows business owners to optimize and manage their business profiles on Google. It’s important to note that  Google Business Profile is only available to businesses that directly contact customers through a physical location or provide in-person services. Web-based companies have other tools at their disposal, like Google Ads and Google Analytics.

In Google terms, your company is a business profile that’s listed on the platform. These profiles are present in Google Maps and are part of the search results when performing a Google search. 

Business owners can no longer ignore the importance of having a presence on Google as the first thing potential clients do is perform a Google search, be it for a product or address. Now, if you have your business listed on Google, it’ll appear in the search results so people can easily find you; plus, it’ll be on Google Maps, too.

Establishing your business profile on Google is similar to adding a spot on Google Maps. To get you started, Google will need your business name, location, and category. Next up, Google will perform a check for authenticity, and once everything’s clear, it will create a Business profile for said location. 

Now that your Business Profile is all set up, it is open to customers to leave reviews, attach photos, make inquiries, and even provide answers.

As the owner of a GMB account (now rebranded to Google Business Profile), you can access, tweak, and custom-tailor your business account to maximize your online presence.

What Has Changed?

One of the main differences between the old Google My Profile and the new Google Business profile is that some of the most valuable aspects are now centerstage. 

Until now, as a business owner listed on GMB, you could only edit your information from the search bar. But with the new Google Business profile, you can also wrap up a verification process or deal with other issues straight from the search bar.

This perk will benefit businesses of all sizes, helping them handle business-related issues much easier. All they have to do is enter their business name into the Google search bar or Google Maps box, and they can immediately start tweaking their information.

With the update, Google placed business needs first – business owners can now reply to messages, edit their business profile, offer promotions and deals, and accomplish more directly from the search bar. 

Plus, Google went a step further and offered businesses the opportunity to claim and verify ownership straight from the starting point: the search bar. 

Compiling numerous functionalities into a single area means maximizing time efficiency, which is especially beneficial to smaller businesses.

Having multiple features in one place also lets small businesses easily enter and access the Google Business Profile landscape.

Why Is Google Business Profile Important for Local SEO?

Why Is Google Business Profile Important for Local SEO

SEO is still a key aspect of success, especially for small businesses. How your business ranks on Google’s search results will define the traffic to your page and the eventual monetization of your business efforts. 

Ranking higher in Google’s search results means your business will be able to attract more potential leads – a trait that’s most useful for small businesses.

Utilizing SEO to gain more prospects can be easily accomplished by optimizing the Google Business Profile. But, to stay on top of your local SEO game, you must update your business info regularly. 

Maintaining your Google Business Profile and performing frequent updates can benefit your brand through the following ways:

  • It could increase the number of usual clicks by 7x.
  • There are 2.7x more chances for your business to seem more reputable.
  • It could lead to a 50% increase in potential sales.
  • It has a 70% chance of attracting visits to the physical store.

Taking advantage of local SEO practices while running your Google Business Profile the right way can be the power combo your business needs.

Managing Your Google Business Profile

Managing your Google Business Profile means constantly updating any business-relevant info and keeping your brand up to date.

There are two ways to manage your account within the Google Business Profile, and both depend on the number of locations your business has. Multi-location businesses can access (and manage) their Google Business Profile by logging into the Google Business Profile Manager dashboard.

For single-location businesses, managing their Google Business Profile can be done straight from the search bar or within the Google Maps app.

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

As mentioned, the best way to update your Google Business Profile info is right from the Google search bar. To ensure you’ve covered everything for your business to get the most out of being listed on Google, consider the following aspects.

Update Your Business Info

By accessing the Business information section on your Google Business Profile, you’ll see your company’s basic information such as About, Contact, Locate, Hours, and More.

Make sure to update these sections regularly if there’s a change in your business hours or contact details.

Highlight Your Products or Services

If your company is in the business of selling, listing your offerings on your Google Business Profile can help customers browse through your offers without having to visit your store physically.

Listing your offer is easy – just click on the “Get Started” button and answer the following questions. Once you’ve provided all the answers Google needs, just hit “Publish,” and you’ll see your products listed on your Google Business Profile.

Make It Visual

Potential customers that perform Google searches love seeing photos of the products they are interested in. According to Google, businesses that provide photos of their products or services get 35% more clicks than those with none.

Sharing photos of your corporate headquarters, products, members of your team, or any other activity your company is engaged in, helps your business feel closer to potential clients.  

Grow Your Brand with Google Business Profile 

Thanks to Google’s forward-thinking team of experts, businesses can manage their operations and tweak their online profiles with a single click.

Rebranding Google My Business to Google Business Profile means more than just changing the name – it also encompasses the most valuable aspects of Google’s Business Account.

Updating your business working hours, adding photos of your business, and listing your products and services can be done without breaking a sweat – just access the Business Profile Manager dashboard and follow the instructions.

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