Read about content writing, a successful SEO strategy, and how it can make or break it.

Today’s customers are usually getting informed on the internet before they make the next step, to check and buy. However, the time spent on the search is short, only 21 minutes and 11 seconds on Google, where 59% of searchers end the search with the first opened page. They move to another page if they don’t find what they are looking for in a few seconds. 

On the other side are competitors with strategic and aggressive approaches that pop up at the top of the search. This is where compelling content writing and a successful SEO strategy come into play. They are the key tandem in digital marketing that plays a critical role in successful digital campaigns. 



What is Content Writing

Content writing is the process of writing or editing web content for digital marketing purposes. Although the first association of content writing is blogs and articles, it covers the content that is digitally communicated in different formats, like:

  • Web pages;
  • Landing pages;
  • E-mails;
  • SMS, MMS;
  • Posts on social media;
  • Video and YouTube video description;
  • And any other content for publishing.


What is an SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method that is used to improve web content ranking so the website can be visited by more customers. You should create an SEO strategy and a planning and implementation process to improve organic search ranking. Creating the strategy is not a 5 minutes job but requires knowledge and expertise, and it is supposed to be done following the next essential steps:

  • Create a keywords lists;
  • Analyze first Google pages;
  • Get an idea for the content;
  • Add a hook;
  • Optimize for on-page SEO;
  • Optimize for search internet;
  • Create content;
  • Improve and update the content.

While each of the listed steps plays a crucial role, and some intertwine with each other, creating a strong content strategy is imperative. You can’t have a successful SEO strategy without tight and compelling content.

How to Make an Outstanding Content?

Having the topic and word count is a starting point but not sufficient for outstanding content. It’s about the idea for what to write, different from what is highly ranked and even better.


Create Outline 

A very first step that is helpful is to summarize all the thoughts about what you want to write in bullets/headings and build a structure and flow. Having an outline is practical as you have an overview of the end goal, and it’s easier for you to focus on the topic.


Structured and Easy to Read

Users want to reach the answer immediately, so even short texts are not read thoroughly. Having structured text with headings, bullets, bolded words, and small paragraphs make the text more engaging and easy to read. 

People looking for an answer or solution for their problem mostly don’t look at it in a library but google it. It should be easy to read, with short sentences, entertaining, and have actual value to the reader.



If you don’t keep the reader in the first few seconds, the reader will not read the full text and will move on. Make sure to have a clear introduction to the topic and let the reader know what they can expect from the article. Adding images, graphics, and tables can also improve attractiveness and communicate important information more directly.


Different perspective 

Following an already published concept and flow puts the text into a generic, already seen version. Writing about the same topic from another angle makes the text more attractive. It is also essential that the content is trustworthy and based on relevant and proven information. Make valuable research on the topic, and find and use references from reputable sources.


Call to Action (CTA) 

Every piece of content has to have a purpose and intent behind it. That’s where the Call to Action comes into place – a written directive that prompts the readers to do a certain action. Having an engaging CTA can make or break your content, and thus your SEO strategy as well. 

Missing some of the points above will break SEO strategy, as it’s more than just the incorporation of keywords. SEO and content writing go hand in hand, and having one without the other doesn’t work. 



Content Writing in SEO strategy

An important segment of SEO strategy is the frequency of producing and publishing content for digital marketing towards targeted customers and to rich the right time. Behind successful companies with effective digital campaigns, there is an army of experienced people dedicated to SEO strategy implementation. But you have it as well; Digital Heart Media is the marketing department you need! 

Our team of marketing professionals supports businesses in their digital activities with the sole purpose of helping them grow their businesses. Contact us today and let us help you create and implement a content strategy to complement our already proven SEO practices