The Pay Per Click model is pretty straightforward – a company pays the host website every time a user clicks on one of the advertisements presented on the site. 

Pay-per-click is a suitable investment if you struggle to draw leads for your business or want to reach more customers. According to statistics, in October 2021, the cost-per-click on YouTube ads averaged 

3.21 US dollars.

Cost-per-click marketing can boost your sales and business traffic. Read on to learn why PPC ads are integral to a successful marketing strategy.


What Does Cost Per Click Stand for in Marketing?

Cost per click occurs when you pay the host website a fee every time a customer clicks on your ad. The customer doesn’t need to engage with the ad any further – the simple act of clicking earns the host money.

CPC is one of the most important metrics that you should think carefully about and take into consideration to ensure a good return on investment. 

This concept is simple and can significantly affect your business’s profitability. Plus, it acts as a good promotion strategy in many companies – both big and small. 


What CPC Can Do for Your Business

Alongside the benefits above, CPC can aid in many different marketing areas, helping brands achieve the following:

  • Grow a business’s online presence
  • Reach new customers
  • Drive traffic to a business’s website
  • Increase leads and conversions

CPC is perfect for small businesses with a low returning visitor rate. It can kick off your brand and earn you long-time customers.


How Does Cost Per Click Work? 

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All cost-per-click programs work primarily the same, no matter which platform you use (Google or Bing are the most popular ones). 

Marketing professionals sign up with an account and research the keywords and the target audience. This will help them determine the best way to present your ad to your desired users. 

Once they complete the research and all the preparation, they create an ad and set a cost – the maximum your company is willing to pay per click. 

After that, the ad goes for an auction and competes for keywords with the other advertisers. The battle is about the keywords and in which order they will be shown. Appearing on top of the search results page means potentially new customers and clicks. 


Types of Cost Per Click Ads

There is no one type of CPC ad. Before investing in this digital marketing strategy, ensure you are well-familiar with your options.

The most common and successful PPC ads are the following:


  • Search Ads are text only, can be found at the top of your search, and make you want to click to get a quick answer.
  • Google Display Ads beside the text contain images and call for action, encouraging people to click and find out more.
  • Programmatic Display Ads target specific demographics such as age, job, salary, and areas of interest regarding internet browsing.
  • Social Media Ads rank among the top PPC ads. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest lets you reach millions of people, boosting your business marketing strategy.


When choosing one of the above, consider the kind of industry you’re in and your target goals. 


Is Cost Per Click Worth the Investment? 

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as business owners must consider many variables. 

Its worth is determined by your business type, the current economic situation, and the cost-per-click team. Discussing and answering all the dilemmas above will lead you to the answer for your marketing strategy regarding cost-per-click ads. 


General Pros

While the return of cost per click can vary from one business to another, there are still some advantages you will undoubtedly gain.

PPC ads work well in selling a service or product online, prompting the website to get high, targeted traffic.

Cost per click is a huge driver for the business. It is an excellent indicator in gathering data for future marketing strategies and campaigns, so if you wonder if it is worth the time and investment, the answer is generally favorable. 


How Much Would You Have to Invest in Cost Per Click?


The cost of a click depends on the ad. However, this digital marketing strategy can bring customers to your business who may spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars after clicking on your ad.

Because you can build a solid customer base this way, some host websites charge a lot. Still, this doesn’t mean you cannot find a site to host your ad for as little as a dollar.

If you want your ad to reach a broader audience, a click in Google or Bing ads can cost you up to $50. It’s vital to note that the price point reflects the investment return rate.


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