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Transform data into actionable insights and drive business growth with Digital Heart Media. We offer e-commerce shopping cart abandonment and checkout analysis for startups and small businesses like yours.


Using data analytics, we help you determine what’s causing shoppers to abandon their purchases. This way, you can recover lost sales, improve checkout usability, and boost conversion rates.

Reduce cart abandonment using powerful market analytics

Why do online shoppers abandon their carts?

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges e-commerce stores face. Research from Baymard Institute shows that 69.57% of online shopping carts are abandoned. So if you have 100 potential customers, imagine 70 of them leaving your store without making a purchase.

According to Shopify, 49% of users abandon their shopping cart because of high hidden costs at checkout. In many cases, eventual cart abandonment may also result from poor user experiences. A website that is barely functional and looks untrustworthy will drive buyers away. 

Trust may be affected by several factors. External factors like poor past shopping experiences and demographic variables can reduce your chances of making a sale. Likewise, internal factors such as customer testimonials, shipping policies, and website design can also cause hesitation among shoppers.

To reduce cart abandonment and maximize sales and returns, e-commerce merchants should proactively track key performance indicators such as traffic sources, bounce rates, and conversion rates. 

Understanding user behavior is the first step to reducing carb abandonment. When performed diligently, a thorough market analysis can help you identify and overcome any barriers to purchase throughout the customer journey.

Reduce cart abandonment using powerful market analytics
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At Digital Heart Media, we care about your online success. We work with businesses across industries, producing custom internet marketing solutions that align with each client’s unique goals.


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If you’re struggling with e-commerce cart abandonment, count on us to smoothen things out for you. We’ll analyze your website, test your checkout user experience, and uncover issues and opportunities. Our team will recommend improvements and campaigns that will drive your business forward.

Consider us an extension of your team, a dedicated partner that goes above and beyond to help you achieve results.

5 Shopping cart abandonment stats you need to know

The average cart abandonment rate varies by device. Mobile (85.65%) and tablet devices (80.74%) have the highest percentage of shoppers exiting on a checkout page. For desktop users, the average e-commerce shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.75%.

7% of shoppers tend to exit earlier because the store didn’t offer enough payment methods.

49% of shoppers say that unexpected costs like tax and shipping are the number one reason they don’t complete their purchase. Always make visitors aware of any extra costs upfront before they proceed to checkout.

17% of cart abandonment cases occur because the shopper didn’t trust the site with their credit card information.

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A long and complex checkout process can drive customers away. 18% of shopping cart abandonments are a result of time-consuming form fields such as birthdays and phone numbers. It can be frustrating for users to provide all of that information just for a single purchase.

Digital Heart Media SEO Agency Web Design Agency Online Marketing Agency

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The Most Common Cart Abandonment Questions We Get...

It is the percentage of shopping carts that failed to convert to a sale.

There are several ways you can lower your cart abandonment rate and boost conversions:


– Simplify your checkout process

– Offer incentives such as discounts and free shipping to customers who abandon carts 

– Provide a wide range of payment options

– Offer free shipping 

According to Search Engine Journal, 11% of search ad clicks are inauthentic, 36% of display ad clicks are fake, and 17% of CTV (Connected TV) impressions result from robots and other deceptive users.

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Why Choose Digital Heart Media

A high cart abandonment rate often indicates issues with your checkout process or overall user experience. At Digital Heart Media, we will optimize your e-commerce store for better conversion rates.

– We test and evaluate your checkout user experience across relevant usability categories.
– Our team will diagnose issues that cause visitors to abandon your site and provide suggestions to correct them.
– We can modify your checkout process, site design and navigation, and content strategy if granted access.