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Don't Let Your Competitors Or Advertisers Sabotage Your PPC Efforts

Click fraud is the unlawful practice of repeatedly clicking on PPC ads to drain a company’s ad budget. Don’t let competitors sabotage your ads. Digital Heart Media’s PPC click fraud prevention team  helps detect and reduce fake clicks and unwanted impressions across paid search campaigns. We’ll guide on which tools to use as well as how to use them. 

What Is PPC Click Fraud?

Many advertisers do this to sabotage their competitors. Through click spamming, they drive up the other company’s costs and exhaust its budget caps early in the day. Click fraud can be executed in a variety of ways:


  • Botnets

A robot network or “botnet” is a malicious computer program distributed across several devices. It can automatically produce millions of artificially generated clicks and impressions per day.


  • Business competitors

Competitors may click on your ads to waste your ad budget and improve their own search engine ranking.


  • Click Farms

Organizations hire people to click on ads all day, whether to maximize traffic volumes, boost the popularity of social media channels, or waste another company’s ad spend. Click farms are often a combination of bots and real people.


Fortunately, invalid and unwanted clicks can be mitigated using powerful PPC click fraud prevention software.

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Combat PPC Click fraud

Combat PPC Click Fraud: Consult With Us

Digital Heart Media is a full-service digital marketing company that caters to startups and small businesses. We believe that even companies without the resources of larger organizations deserve secure and successful PPC ad campaigns. Our team works hard to help you maximize ad visibility and ROI.

Our specialized PPC click fraud software is designed to spot and block suspicious click activities. We can help you diligently monitor your campaign performance and ensure your ad budget is spent wisely. We go the extra mile to drive genuine engagement and long-term online growth.

The Most Common Click Fraud Questions We Get...

To spot click fraud on your PPC ads, take note of these signals: 

  • – High bounce rate
  • – Low number of page views
  • – Low conversion rate during traffic surges
  • – Unusual peaks in visitors
  • – Low time on site

While it’s technically possible to manually monitor fake clicks, the process can be tedious and time-consuming. By using click fraud prevention software, all fraudulent traffic is automatically identified and blocked in real-time. 

Invalid traffic refers to any activity that does not come from a genuine user with a real interest in the ad. It can include the following: 


  • – Spam clicking caused by malware
  • – Spam clicking by competing advertisers
  • – Activity from paid click farms
  • – Clicks from fraudulent placings such as ad stacking
  • – Botnets
  • – Accidental clicks from poorly placed ads

If not detected and filtered out, invalid traffic can affect data accuracy and reduce your return on ad spend. 

According to Search Engine Journal, 11% of search ad clicks are inauthentic, 36% of display ad clicks are fake, and 17% of CTV (Connected TV) impressions result from robots and other deceptive users.

Digital Heart Media SEO Agency Web Design Agency Online Marketing Agency

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Want To Say Goodbye To Click Fraud?

Stop wasting your time and money on invalid traffic. Focus on real, valuable clicks and get the most out of your ad spend with Digital Heart Media’s PPC click fraud detection software.


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Avoid Fake Traffic With Accurate PPC Click Fraud Detection

Protect your PPC campaigns from malicious activity with advanced guidance from us and PPC click fraud software

24/7 Ad Monitoring

We track all site visitors 24/7. Our algorithm is designed to accurately recognize fraud signals and differentiate invalid clicks from genuine engagement.


Thorough Traffic Analysis

Relevant data points in each visit are thoroughly analyzed to determine if engagement is authentic or fraudulent. We take a look at click limit, geolocation, session behavior, VPN detection, and others.

Automatic Blocking

Bots and other malicious users are automatically blocked. Their IPs are sent to your Google Ads exclusion list, preventing them from seeing and interacting with any of your ads.

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Why Choose Digital Heart Media?

Digital Heart Media provides effective PPC click fraud protection for organizations across industries. Our industry-leading detection algorithms detect and exclude fraudulent IPs automatically. We pride ourselves on protecting businesses against wasteful ad spending.


We can work with all paid traffic platforms including Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook Ads, and YouTube.